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TrakView Dashcam

Track, monitor and protect your fleet with our new dual-facing dashcam. Sign up for the waitlist to secure your place in line.
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Everything you love about Force Fleet Tracking, plus video!

TrakView Web Clips
  • The TrakView Dashcam is OBD-II powered and uses 4G LTE connectivity to transfer video clips to the cloud for playback and storage.
  • The dual-facing HD cameras capture video inside and out, and the included 256GB SD card can store up to 100 hours of video clips.

TrakView Pro Pricing

Monthly Plan
Annual Plan


Includes: Everything in your current GPS Tracking Plan, plus all of our new video features. 30 minutes of data transfer per month, per device, is included.

All prices in USD. Subscription plan prices exclude sales tax where applicable. Annual Plans are billed annually.


TrakView Dashcam • 256GB MicroSD Card • OBD-II Device • USB-C Power Cable 3M Mounting Disk • Cable Tuck Tool

All prices in USD. The One-Time Device Cost includes shipping and handling.

Automatic Trip Recording

  • Automatically record clips for each and every trip, including accidents, unsafe driving behavior, break-in attempts, and other disturbances like bumps and towing.
  • Easily transfer these clips to the cloud to watch them in the web and mobile apps.
  • Critical events, such as a crash, are automatically transferred to the cloud.
TrakView Web Clips
TrakView Web Vehicle Live View

Dashcam Livestream

  • See what’s happening inside and out of your vehicles from your phone or computer, 24/7.
  • Livestreams can be started on demand in the web and mobile apps. Each livestream generates a 60-second clip which is automatically transferred to the cloud.
  • Livestream can be used when vehicles are parked or driving.

Video Clip Library

  • Easily go back in time to find the video clips that matter to your business.
  • Perfect for compiling evidence, confirming driver actions, or to validate customer reports.
  • Simply pick a trip using the Trails feature to get started.
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The TrakView Dashcam is easy to use and easy to install.

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Front-Facing HD Camera
USB-C Power Cable
OBD-II Device

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the dashcams include GPS tracking?

Yes, the TrakView dashcam is a fully integrated solution that includes GPS location tracking, vehicle health monitoring and automatic video recording. When you sign up for the TrakView Pro Plan, you’ll still have access to everything you love about Force Fleet Tracking, plus the new video features.

What if I currently use Force Fleet Tracking on my vehicles?

The Trakview dashcam waitlist is available to current customers of Force Fleet Tracking. Existing customers who upgrade their vehicles to dashcam tracking will need to return the OBD-II devices in their vehicles using the prepaid shipping label provided. We will share more information on this process once you order.

Who will install the dashcams in my vehicles?

TrakView dashcams can be quickly and easily installed by anyone! Simply follow the directions in the Force Fleet Tracking app. For more information about the installation process, please see the TrakView Installation Guide. Our Customer Success team is also available to support customers with the installation process.

When will dashcams be available for purchase?

We expect to begin fulfilling orders for the dashcams in May 2024. Existing customers that sign up for the waitlist will be first in line to get their dashcam(s).

Can I try the dashcam on one vehicle to start?

Yes, you can order as many TrakView dashcams as you’d like. We suggest outfitting your entire fleet with dashcams for maximum coverage, but some businesses may choose a mixed approach with both dashcams and GPS trackers.

What are the next steps to order dashcams?

Our sales team will reach out to you when TrakView dashcams are available for purchase. The form above will let us know you are interested so you are the first to be notified. It is not a commitment or obligation to purchase, and you will not be charged.

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