Heavy-Duty Fleet Tracking Solutions for Small Businesses

Our award winning fleet management solution now supports heavy-duty vehicles.

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Our system is now compatible with Class 6, Class 7, and Class 8 vehicles, as classified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). We provide real-time tracking and diagnostic data for your entire fleet, whatever the size. Get peace of mind, reduce risk, and save money with our plug and play solution.

The Need for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Tracking in Mixed Fleets

In industries such as construction, transportation, or logistics, mixed fleets – those comprising both light- and heavy-duty vehicles – are common. Heavy-duty vehicles, with their larger size and capacity, often perform different functions than their light-duty counterparts. They may be used for transporting heavy equipment, large quantities of materials, or performing specialized tasks.

Despite their differences, both light- and heavy-duty vehicles are integral parts of your business. Having a comprehensive tracking system that caters to both types of vehicles is crucial for seamless fleet management, regardless of the vehicle’s size or function.

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“Managing our fleet was a bit of a challenge because we are running light and heavy duty trucks. With Force Fleet Tracking, we’ve been able to bring all our vehicle tracking under one system. This has significantly improved our efficiency and given us the ability to know exactly where our vehicles are at any given moment. It’s truly transformed the way we manage our fleet.”

Jeff Adamson allied transport
Jeff Adamson,
Owner of Allied Transport

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Unified Tracking for Light and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

This is a game-changer for businesses with mixed fleets. Our system monitors all your vehicles in real-time, using a single platform that’s simple to access through the web or your smartphone. This not only simplifies fleet management but also enhances operational efficiency.

Our GPS tracking system integrates seamlessly with heavy-duty vehicles using an adapter cable that connects the standard Force GPS device to your heavy-duty vehicle’s diagnostic port, allowing you to monitor a wealth of data including diagnostic trouble codes, engine odometer, engine temperature, fuel consumption, vehicle speed, and engine hours.

The Importance of Maintenance Tracking in Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Heavy-duty vehicles are workhorses. They are designed to perform under challenging conditions and carry heavy loads. However, this also means they are subject to significant wear and tear. On-time maintenance is crucial to ensure longevity and prevent costly repairs or downtime.

Our GPS tracking system provides comprehensive maintenance tracking for your heavy-duty vehicles. It can detect and relay diagnostic trouble codes, providing early warnings of potential issues that, in most cases, also come with a detailed explanation of the issue. This allows you to address minor problems before they become major ones, saving time and money.

Moreover, by monitoring parameters like engine temperature and fuel consumption, you can gain insights into each vehicle’s performance—as well as a 10,000 foot overview of your whole fleet! This can help you optimize operations, improve fuel efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your vehicles.

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Easy “plug and play” Installation

One of the key advantages of the Force Fleet Tracking system is the ease of installation. Our GPS device connects easily to your vehicle’s diagnostic port using the heavy-duty adapter cable. This means you don’t need to hire a professional installer for a hardwired installation. You can do it yourself quickly and easily, saving both time and money. See for yourself here: installation page.

For J-1939 ports
s-l500 16-pin OBD
16-pin OBD
For 16-pin OBD ports
RP-1226 or J-1939 cables
You can use either RP-1226 or J-1939 cables, your choice
Truck driving on highway inside pov

Catch Problems Before They Turn into Big Repairs

Downtime for heavy-duty vehicles can be very costly. That’s why capturing and relaying diagnostic trouble codes in a timely manner is so important. Connected directly to the diagnostic port, our GPS device can relay this information quickly, allowing you to take immediate action before a small issue turns into a major repair. This can prevent extended downtime, saving your company significant time and money.


“We’ve been using Force Fleet Tracking to track our vans for some time now. The real-time tracking and maintenance alerts have been great for managing our fleet. Now that they can track our heavy-duty trucks as well it’s been really great to switch from the other provider. Now, we have all of our company vehicles in one system, allowing us to better track pickup and delivery times. This has really improved our customer service. Force Fleet Tracking has truly become an integral part of our operations.”

Erica Anderson - Anderson Electrical
Erica Anderson,
Owner of Anderson Electrical

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