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Reduce overhead costs with Force Fleet Tracking

Running a fleet shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Force Fleet Tracking’s tracking system for fleet vehicles increases your cost savings on fuel, maintenance, repairs, administration, and more.

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“We have improved accountability and slashed fuel cost.”

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Joseph Chaney
Superior Electrical Solutions LLC

Verified Review on Capterra – May 2022

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Are your operators keeping company vehicles running and idling unnecessarily? Now you can know for sure instead of guessing!

With Force Fleet Tracking’s idling reports, you’ll have all the data you need to easily identify excessive and unnecessary idling and correct this type of driver behavior.

  • Easily identify unnecessary idle times and other poor driving behaviors.
  • Reduce idling and the costs associated with it. 
  • Correct expensive driver habits.
  • Calculate your potential idle costs savings here
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Quickly see where all your vehicles are for more effective dispatching to reduce travel time, prevent drivers from “taking the scenic route”, and get your techs to the job site sooner. Less travel time equates to more jobs completed. It also directly correlates to saved time and money, with a likely boost in customer satisfaction and referrals due to fast and efficient service.

  • Drastically reduce fuel costs.
  • Get techs to jobs quicker (get more jobs done).
  • Cut down on administrative costs due to manual tracking.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and response time.
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How your drivers operate your vehicles directly impacts your overhead costs and expenses. Poor driver behavior can lead to higher fuel and maintenance costs, costly incidents and accidents on the road, and a negative brand reputation. Force Fleet Tracking’s driver RoadScores helps you better manage your drivers and the way they operate your vehicles.

  • See each driver’s RoadScore out of 100 for every trip, as well as their rolling averages.
  • Find out the exact time and place of any unsafe driving events took place such as harsh acceleration, cornering, or braking, excessive speed, and more.
  • Reduce the number of incidents and accidents that could increase your company’s auto insurance costs.
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Vehicle health monitoring and predictive maintenance scheduling help reduce your overall maintenance costs and avoid downtime due to unexpected maintenance or repairs. Our fleet tracking system monitors for battery health, fuel levels, factory recalls, and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), then breaks the issues down into plain English for you to easily understand what’s wrong.

  • Get notified as soon as one of your vehicles needs attention to reduce maintenance costs and avoid pricey repairs.
  • Avoid costly downtime and lost revenue due to vehicle breakdowns or unexpected maintenance and repairs
  • Reduce fuel costs by maintaining the right tire pressure throughout the year with tire pressure alerts.
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With driver and vehicle management software, you speed up all administrative processes including invoicing, driver management, customer service, and more. If a customer claims a tech didn’t show up or they were late, you can quickly see if this is true or not based on data. When you have real-time and historical data at your fingertips, you and your management team can be more effective in every aspect of your day.

  • Settle disputes with your drivers faster.
  • Settle customer disputes faster.
  • Empower managers to dispatch, plan jobs, and schedule vehicle maintenance faster.


Some insurance companies offer cost-saving initiatives if your company has GPS trackers installed in your fleet vehicles. This way, you can detect when your vehicle is bumped, towed, or otherwise disturbed (e.g. vandalized or stolen).

  • Instantly detect if a vehicle is vandalized or stolen.
  • Increase the chances of a stolen vehicle being found and returned quickly and safely.
  • Increase your chances of auto insurance cost reductions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of GPS tracking?

GPS tracking costs $20 per vehicle per month. It’s recommended to include the cost of GPS tracking when calculating your fleet management cost per vehicle. If our GPS tracking system works for your small business, you’ll never be locked into a contract—our services are offered month-by-month for the ultimate flexibility.

What are the benefits of GPS fleet tracking?

The benefits of GPS fleet tracking include reduced fuel costs, reduced maintenance and repair costs, improved driver and dispatch efficiency, cost savings on insurance premiums, and more.

Learn more about all the benefits and advantages of GPS tracking

How can fleet costs be reduced?

Fleet costs can be reduced by using a GPS fleet tracking system. Fleet tracking systems that use GPS help reduce overhead costs including fuel, maintenance and repairs, administrative costs, auto insurance costs, and more.

Learn more about reducing your fleet costs with Force Fleet Tracking

How much does it cost to maintain a fleet?

The cost to maintain a fleet depends on how many company vehicles you have. The average annual cost of maintaining a new vehicle is about $792 per year (which breaks down to $66 per month). Fleet maintenance costs included in this number include oil changes, tire rotation, brake pad replacements, and more.

Calculate your idling costs

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The average idling time per vehicle is 1.5 hours per day.

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Force Fleet Tracking’s real-time vehicle tracking software now includes idling reports.

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More Features

GPS Tracking

Through our fleet tracking system, you can get detailed information on vehicle and driver location and location history. Geo-fencing technology is also used to notify you if a vehicle is being taken out of its designated drive zone. Real-time tracking lets you see which technician is closest to a job for quick response to time-sensitive jobs. Send location tracking links to customers so they can track their service vehicle while they wait—proven to boost customer satisfaction.

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Vehicle Health & Maintenance

Stop relying on your drivers to tell you when something is wrong with your fleet vehicles. With Force Fleet Tracking’s fleet tracking software, you get vehicle health monitoring on everything from the battery to the tires. Get vehicle maintenance and health alerts sent straight to your smartphone if a vehicle is low on fuel or battery voltage, when predictive maintenance is due, and more. Our software also keeps a detailed record of vehicle maintenance history, giving fleet managers everything they need to effectively manage their fleet and keep business running smoothly.

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Force Fleet Tracking is a product that pays for itself. Ready to see what it can do for your business?

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