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Take the pain out of managing your business vehicles with real-time GPS tracking, vehicle health monitoring, dashcam video recording and more.

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Super simple software

Know exactly where your vehicles are, how they’re being driven and catch problems instantly. Our apps are easy-to-use, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

  • Use the web app to access our dashboard, vehicle profiles, reports and more.
  • Use our mobile apps to get instant notifications and track your vehicles from wherever you are.

Plug-and-play devices, ready in minutes

Our high-performance fleet tracking devices provide real-time GPS location, engine diagnostics, odometer, fuel level and more. Whether you choose the GPS tracker or TrakView Dashcam, you’ll get:

  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • GPS location tracking
  • Plug-and-play installation
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Force Fleet Tracking will help you improve accountability with your team, better control your vehicle-related costs and reduce risks related to unsafe driving.

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Vehicle GPS location & trip tracking

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Vehicle health & maintenance monitoring

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Driver management & safety scoring

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Dashcam video monitoring & recording

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Simple and affordable real-time GPS tracking system for up to 3 vehicles.


Perfect for businesses that want to reduce risk and grow faster.


Track, monitor, and protect your vehicles with 4G LTE dashcams.

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“Force by Mojio helps me give better customer service, and it improves contact and communication. Force lets me see exactly where my techs are, and how fast they can get to the customer’s location. Pretty cool stuff, actually.”

Rick Deitsch | American Pest Control Las Vegas, NV


“Force by Mojio gives me peace of mind knowing where my trucks and technicians are, in real time. In Window Cleaning we can travel up to 5 locations a day, and while managing the day I can check in to ensure the crews will arrive at the next location on time. The data provided by the trip tracking feature, has improved our travel efficiency.”

Nick Milosevic | Blue Truck Window Cleaning Las Vegas, NV


“I own a cleaning business with 6 vehicles. I use Force Fleet Tracking to keep track of where my people are and how the jobs are going. There is no doubt that this product saves me time and saves me money.”

Mauricio Santos | VIP Cleaning Las Vegas, NV


“Force Fleet Tracking has been a game changer for us. For years, we were flying blind on fleet performance. Now we have the data we need to hold our drivers accountable, encourage good behavior, and address issues with our vehicles before they become catastrophes. The ability to send tracking links to clients adds to the “wow” factor we are trying to build into our customer experience.”

Caleb Wininger | Lake State Cleaning Troy, MI


What is GPS tracking?

GPS fleet tracking allows you to track the real-time location of your vehicles, get alerts and critical data about the health of your vehicles, monitor your employees’ driving behavior patterns, and more.

Capturing this data can be crucial to improving operational efficiencies and generating increased company profits, not to mention improved customer satisfaction, employee safety, and reduced maintenance costs. Force Fleet Tracking offers a simple and affordable GPS fleet tracking solution for small businesses.

How does GPS fleet tracking work?

GPS fleet tracking uses satellite signals to pinpoint the location of a GPS device, down to 15-30 ft. in real-time. Force Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking devices connect to your vehicles via OBD-II ports. Once installed, the devices will connect to the Force Fleet Tracking platform via the 4G network and start sending vehicle and location data to your account. You can access your vehicle location, set up alerts, pull reports, and more by logging into the Force Fleet Tracking platform or downloading the Force Fleet Tracking app.

What are the benefits of GPS tracking?

GPS tracking offers many benefits for small business owners who operate a fleet of vehicles. In addition to providing you with real-time data on the location of your vehicles, you’ll also save time and money by implementing GPS tracking for your vehicles. 

Here are some of the ways GPS tracking software can help save you time and money:

  • Hold drivers accountable for how they spend their time on the clock
  • Reduce fuel costs by tracking improper vehicle use and excessive idling
  • Improve driver safety and reduce instances of aggressive or inefficient driving 
  • Prevent unexpected breakdowns by monitoring the health of your vehicles and receive alerts if there are any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for your vehicles
  • Efficiently track business mileage and pull comprehensive reports for accounting and tax purposes 
  • Provide customers with a live tracking link for their technician to improve the customer experience

What is GPS fleet tracking software?

GPS fleet tracking software allows businesses to manage their fleet more effectively. The system includes a GPS tracking device that connects to a software program and provides real-time location tracking of your vehicles, vehicle speed, vehicle maintenance, and driver safety. Business owners can also opt for a fleet dashcam. Our 4G LTE TrakView Dashcam includes all the technical features of our GPS trackers, plus additional safety monitoring capabilities, such as automatic video clip recording, on-demand live streaming and our helpful video clip finder.

What types of businesses can use fleet tracking software?

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking is perfect for any business that relies on its vehicles to get the job done—including yours! The common types of businesses that benefit from the advanced fleet tracking and monitoring features, include:

Duct Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning



Junk Removal


Lawn Care

Non-Profits & Events


Pool & Spa Services

Tree Care

Window Cleaning

…and many more!

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