GPS Vehicle Tracking For Contractors

Force Fleet Tracking saves you time and money by helping you manage your work trucks better.

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Track your trucks. Manage your people. Grow your business.

For contractors, time is money. Force Fleet Tracking saves you both.

We’ll help you see exactly where your trucks are 24/7, so you can hold your people accountable for how they use their time. Plus, we help keep your trucks in top running order, see how safely your people are driving, and improve security.

Whether you have 2 trucks or 42, let us help take the headaches out of running your vehicles.

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Force Fleet Tracking has been a tremendous help with tracking vehicle use and location tracking. The software is extremely easy to use.

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Travis Harlow
TDH Contracting

4 Employees, 3 Vehicles

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Live GPS Tracking Dashboard

Live GPS Tracking

Make sure your trucks, gear and people are where they need to be

Force gives you real-time visibility into where your trucks and people are, and how they’re spending their time. As well, you get a foolproof record of where your vehicles were and when, including the exact route and park time. Armed with this info, you can run a tighter business, bill your customers more accurately, and save money every month.

  • Track your trucks live on a map — with location refreshes every 10 seconds or less
  • Get a complete, accurate and detailed log of every trip for every vehicle
  • See all this info on the go using our iPhone or Android apps
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Vehicle Health & Maintenance

Never let downtime get in the way of a profitable job

You can’t always rely on your crews to let you know when your vehicles need service. Force Fleet Tracking lets you monitor your trucks’ health from your computer or smartphone, so you can catch problems early before they become serious and costly. We’ll also help you keep on top of essential vehicle maintenance.

  • Get alerts if anything goes wrong mechanically with any of your trucks
  • Find out about any manufacturer’s recalls that need your attention
  • See oil level, fuel level, battery level, and more for each of your vehicles
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Vehicle Health Monitoring Dashboard
Driver vehicle safety dashboard

Driver & Vehicle Safety

Protect your vehicles & protect your business

Your trucks are probably the most valuable piece of equipment in your business. We help them keep your vehicles and crew safer. By monitoring the safe driving habits of each of your drivers, you can avoid accidents, tickets and excessive fuel costs — all while keeping your costs down.

Did you know full size pickups are the most-stolen vehicles in America? We give you alerts if any of your vehicles are stolen, bumped, broken into or towed, and help law enforcement recover your vehicle quickly in the event of a theft.

  • Monitor each driver’s safe driving habits, and get the data you need to coach them where necessary
  • See a safety report for each trip taken by each vehicle — essential in the event of an accident or other issue
  • Get an instant alert if there’s a disturbance with any of your vehicles
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Force Fleet Tracking helps contractors run their vehicles more efficiently and increase their bottom line. Ready to see what it can do for your business?

Questions? Call us at 806-855-8255 or email us at [email protected]