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Our goal is to help small businesses go further.

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At Mojio, we know how important your vehicles are. Keeping them running smoothly, holding your drivers accountable and controlling your costs are heavy burdens for any business owner. That’s why we built Force.

Why we built this

Why We Built This

  • Businesses with large fleets of vehicles have a wide range of well-established products and services to choose from. They also tend to have in-house fleet managers to handle all of the details. But what about the millions of small businesses that rely upon their vehicles every single day?
  • We looked across every corner of the ‘Fleet Management’ market but nothing seemed to fit the bill for a typical small business. Most offerings were inherently complex, requiring professional hardware installation, a never-ending list of unnecessary features and reports, not to mention multi-year contracts with lots of additional fees.
  • The team at Mojio got started by speaking directly with real small business owners from across the country to listen to their stories and learn about the challenges they face every single day. It became clear that there was a gap in the market that we were ideally suited to address. 
  • We decided to build a new product from the ground up to empower small businesses of all shapes and sizes with the capabilities of our leading edge connected mobility platform. We envisioned an affordable, high-performance, mobile-friendly solution that was not only easy-to-use but would have a direct impact on the bottom line.
  • A few months later we had our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ready to go and we signed up an amazing and diverse group of business owners who were willing to test our tech and give us their real feedback. That input guided us towards a connected vehicle tracking and management solution that would do three things really well: increase driver accountability, control vehicle-related costs and increase vehicle safety and security. Force Fleet Tracking was born.


What We Do

Founded in 2012, Mojio has grown from a visionary startup to a global leader in the automotive technology industry, powering seamless connected mobility and vehicle management experiences that deliver enhanced safety, security, reliability and convenience for the global driving community.

15 Billion+

  • We have connected more than one million cars, vans and light trucks to our proven mobility platform. As well, we have processed more than 15 billion miles worth of trips from all types of makes and models in North America and Europe.

Our Team

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We are Friendly, Open, Authentic and Driven

  • At Mojio, we’re on a mission to give every vehicle a voice. Our diverse team designs, develops and delivers connected mobility solutions that transform data from connected vehicles into valuable products and services for individuals, families and businesses.