Force + Housecall Pro Fleet Tracking

Integrated GPS solution for Housecall Pro users

  • Live vehicle GPS tracking from your HCP map
  • Boost your team’s efficiency
  • 5-Star customer experience
  • Save money and decrease liability
Force service crew

Purchase Force Fleet Tracking for Housecall Pro directly through your Housecall Pro account.

Housecall Pro customers can easily purchase Force Fleet Tracking from the Housecall Pro App store or by calling 1-858-285-4263.



“Force Fleet Tracking has been a game changer for us.
For years, we were flying blind on fleet performance. Now we have the data we need to hold our drivers accountable, encourage good behavior, and address issues with our vehicles before they become catastrophes. The ability to send tracking links to clients adds to the “wow” factor we are trying to build into our customer experience.”

Lake State Cleaning
Caleb Wininger
Owner, Lake State Cleaning

Troy, MI

Manage your vehicles & drivers better, so you can grow your business

Track Vech

Track Vehicles & Increase Accountability

See every vehicle’s location in real-time from the Housecall Pro map, or from the convenience of the Force Fleet Tracking app.

Scrolling demo of the app on a mobile phone

5-Star Customer Experience

Now customers can track their technician’s live GPS location en route to their job with ‘On My Way’ texts so they always know when their technician will arrive.

Increase safety

Increase the Safety of Your Drivers & Vehicles

Monitor your team’s driving and coach them to improve with our RoadScore tool. It measures behavior like speeding, rapid accelerations, and harsh braking to give drivers a score out of 100 for every trip and encourage safer driving habits.

Get started with Force Fleet Tracking for Housecall Pro users today by contacting Housecall Pro at 1-858-285-4263 or click here to learn more.