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Driver safety software keeps your operators and vehicles safer on the road.

Aggressive and dangerous driving is one of the most expensive risks to your business. For small companies, even a single “minor” accident can be a huge financial setback. And then there’s the speeding tickets, excess wear and tear on the vehicle, and fuel costs (up to 40% more).

Fleet management isn’t just vehicle tracking and maintenance—it’s driver management too. And when you can’t have eyes on all your operators at once, driver management software allows you to monitor driver behavior without stepping into a vehicle yourself. Force Fleet Tracking’s driver management system easily pays for itself by helping you nip aggressive and dangerous driving in the bud.

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“I love the product and software so far…I’ve had it installed for 2 days in one vehicle and already have to have the hard conversation about speed.”

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Jason Kerns, Operations Manager
Highland Eco Pest Control

5 Employees, 5 Vehicles

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Force’s Safety Features Include:

Driver Report Dashboard


“Dave, you’re an excellent plumber, but we need to talk about your driving habits.”

If you’re going to tackle unsafe driver behavior in your company, you need data. Force Fleet Tracking’s driver management system makes coaching your drivers easy with visuals that summarize each driver’s habits, including clear examples of where and when they drove unsafely.

  • See the RoadScore out of 100 for every trip, as well as the rolling average for every driver.
  • Find out the exact time and place of any unsafe driving events (harsh acceleration, cornering or braking, excessive speed, and more).
  • Get detailed reports on driver safety — even rank your drivers on how safely they drive, so you can reward the safe ones and coach the rest.
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Your company mail is delivered. One of the envelopes is obviously a speeding ticket.

Don’t wait for tickets to come in the mail. Get speeding alerts in real-time so you can take the necessary actions to avoid more unpleasant mail. Your drivers are busy and they may be tempted to speed if they’re running late to a job. They may also just have a lead foot. Force Fleet Tracking’s speeding alerts let you and your fleet managers better manage your drivers. 

  • Get real-time speeding alert notifications based on the driver and the vehicle.
  • See how much they were over the limit and for how long.
  • Download the Force Fleet Tracking app to get alerts sent directly to your smartphone.
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Disturbance Alert Dashboard


It’s 10pm on a Sunday and there’s been a disturbance with one of your vans. Time to investigate.

Force Fleet Tracking’s driver management system is a watchdog when your vehicles are parked. You’ll get instant alerts if any of your vehicles is bumped, towed, broken into, or otherwise disturbed while parked.

  • Receive disturbance alerts on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • If one of your vehicles is ever stolen, you’ll know right away and you can use Force Fleet Tracking to help the authorities recover it quickly.
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One of your trucks has been in a crash. Who, what, where and when? Get the information you need right away!

Time is of the essence when one of your vehicles has been in a crash. Thankfully, you’ll know exactly when and where it occurred, including who was driving, so you can take action to get your team the help they need and keep your business moving.

  • Get an alert on your phone, including details of when and where the crash occurred, as well as the vehicle and driver (if assigned).
  • Utilizes the world’s most advanced crash detection algorithm, developed and certified by Bosch – this is the same technology that’s used to manage the deployment of airbags.
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Crash Detection Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fleet safety program?

A fleet safety program is a set of processes, rules, and checklists a business owner uses to minimize the risk of accidents and improve safety and accountability. This can include driver training requirements, vehicle inspection checklists, vehicle maintenance schedules, and more.

How can fleet safety be improved?

Fleet safety can be improved by implementing tools and technology to help encourage safe driving habits and notify business owners if any of their vehicles are experiencing minor or critical issues that could lead to accidents.

Implementing rigorous driver training programs, fleet inspection checklists, and GPS technology that monitors driving behavior and vehicle health can help business owners drastically improve the overall safety of their fleets.

What should I look for in a fleet management system?

In order to find the right fleet management system for your business, you’ll need to get specific about what you’re looking to track, how much you want to spend per vehicle, and the types of data you need to effectively manage your fleet.

When looking for a fleet management system you want to consider the following:

  • Budget and contract duration (Force Fleet Tracking is just $20 per vehicle, per month with no contracts)
  • Whether your vehicles are OBD-II compatible. If not, you may require a hardwire solution
  • What features are most important to you
  • The level of simplicity or complexity you want in your features and reports
  • The GPS tracking laws in your state

What is a driver management system?

A driver management system is a software program that uses GPS tracking and other forms of detection technology to monitor a vehicle’s whereabouts and movements (and thus the driver’s location and behavior). Driver management systems can detect unsafe driving (such as excessive speeding, harsh acceleration, aggressive braking, and more), vehicle disturbances (such as hit and runs, vandalism, etc.), and motor vehicle accidents. 

What is the best way to manage your drivers?

The best way to manage your drivers is to use a driver management software program that collects valuable (and legal) driver behavior data. With driver management software, you can see how your company vehicles are being operated, by which driver, where, and when. This type of data allows you to better manage drivers and have data to back up your management decisions.

For example, if one of your driver is driving aggressively (e.g. harsh braking, cornering, or accelerating), this is going to impact your vehicle’s health, increase maintenance frequencies, and potentially compromise your company’s reputation if your branded vehicles are driving recklessly. These smaller driver behaviors are almost impossible to measure (and manage) without fleet management software installed.

Why is management essential for the driver?

Management is essential for the driver because it helps keep them safe drivers. Safety is the biggest benefit to any driver when it comes to management. It’s inevitable that a company will need to have some visibility into driver performance to properly manage the business but it also means the driver (and others on the road) are kept safe and accountable.

For example, if the driver has been involved in a car accident, driver management software like Force uses Crash Detection technology to know exactly when an incident has occurred and can take the appropriate actions quickly, when every seconds counts.

How do you ensure safety of a driver?

You can ensure your drivers are safe by using driver management software with GPS technology to track the vehicle’s location and health as well as the behavior of the driver when the vehicle is in operation. This type of driver management system allows you to see when a driver is driving in an unsafe manner and potentially putting them and others at risk on the road. It also allows you to respond to accidents or incidents faster than you’d be able to without a driver management tool in place.

More Features

GPS Tracking

Through our vehicle tracking system, you can get detailed information on vehicle and driver location and location history. Geo-fencing technology is also used to notify you if a vehicle is being taken out of its designated drive zone. Real-time tracking lets you see which technician is closest to a job for quick response to time-sensitive jobs. Send location tracking links to customers so they can track their service vehicle while they wait—proven to boost customer satisfaction.

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Vehicle Health & Maintenance

Stop relying on your drivers to tell you when something is wrong with your company vehicles. With Force Fleet Tracking’s driver safety software, you get vehicle health monitoring on everything from the battery to the tires. Get vehicle maintenance and health alerts sent straight to your smartphone if a vehicle is low on fuel or battery voltage, when predictive maintenance is due, and more. Our driver safety software also keeps a detailed record of vehicle maintenance history, giving business owners everything they need to effectively manage their vehicles and keep business running smoothly.

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Force Fleet Tracking is a simple and affordable GPS vehicle tracking solution. Ready to see what it can do for your business?

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