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Maybe you need to keep your employees accountable, improve your scheduling, or get a record of where you’ve completed jobs. Maybe you just want to see your fleet in action on the map. There are 1,001 reasons why real-time GPS tracking is a must-have for small business owners.

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“When I get an urgent call-out, I need to know if my techs can get there within the next hour. My techs all have cell phones, but sometimes they don’t answer, and I don’t want to interrupt their work for a simple status check. Force lets me see exactly where they are, and how fast they can get to the customer’s location. Pretty cool stuff, actually.”

American Pest Control
Rick Deitch, Owner
American Pest Control

10 Employees, 6 Vehicles

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Location Sharing Houston


Let your customers track the service vehicle location while they wait!

Text your customers a link allowing them to track a specific vehicle for a short window of time. Customers love this Uber-style experience, which takes the uncertainty out of waiting at home for the service pro to arrive.

  • Specify which vehicle you’d like the customer to be able to track, and for how long (for example, 2 hours), and then text them a unique link for one-time use
  • Eliminates the need for customers to call you if the driver is delayed or to find out where they are
  • A memorable feature that will make you stand out — customers will mention this in your online reviews!
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A big flood is happening at the customer’s house. Who’s your closest tech?

If your business relies on its vehicles, you need to know where they’re at all times.

  • See your entire fleet at once on a live map
  • Vehicle locations updated every 10 seconds
  • Track vehicles on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
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Live GPS Tracking Dashboard
Trip History Dashboard


Is your new employee taking a 2-hour lunch every day?

Now you can prove exactly where your vehicles and drivers were, and when. Find out whether your employees are using their time wisely. Improve your routes and operations. Say goodbye to customers claiming your people didn’t show up.

  • Get an exact record of every trip’s start and end location and trip time
  • Each log also includes route, distance, duration, gas mileage, speed, and driving behavior
  • Export trip reports to a spreadsheet for accounting, tax, or planning purposes
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Prove that your team arrived at the job site on time.

Set up geofences (virtual boundaries) around any place that’s important to you. Get a notification when any of your vehicles enter or exit this area. Perfect for getting alerted when your technicians enter or exit a job site, or when someone takes your truck on an unauthorized out-of-town trip.

  • Configure the size of your virtual boundaries: as big as a city or as small as one building
  • Configure the shape of your virtual boundaries: go for a simple radius, or draw a shape around the exact area you want
  • Get the alerts to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop
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Geofence exit alert

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fleet GPS tracking?

GPS fleet tracking allows you to track the real-time location of any vehicle in your fleet. You’ll also receive information about vehicle speed, safety, and health through alerts and reports. This data can be used to optimize how you dispatch for jobs, improve fleet efficiency, and reduce the operating costs for your fleet.

Can I track my company vehicles?

Yes, you can track your company vehicles using GPS fleet tracking software. Force Fleet Tracking offers devices that connect to your vehicles, which means you are only tracking the location of your vehicles and not the location of your employees.

The laws regulating GPS tracking are different in each state, so please check your local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

How does GPS fleet tracking work?

GPS fleet tracking uses satellite signals to triangulate the location of the GPS device that’s connected to your vehicle. Once your device is installed in your vehicle, it will connect to the Force Fleet Tracking platform and send vehicle and location data to your account via the 4G network.

How do I track my fleet vehicle?

You can track your fleet vehicle using fleet management software. The software comes with a GPS tracking device that plugs into your company vehicle’s OBD II port and connects to a GPS fleet tracking system where you can track your vehicles and better manage your drivers.

Which is the best vehicle tracking system?

The best vehicle tracking system is Force Fleet Tracking. Force Fleet Tracking lets you track fleet vehicles in real-time through GPS technology that updates every 10 seconds with accuracy up to 10 feet. Our GPS tracking solution lets you pay per vehicle and doesn’t require any sort of contract — so you can track your fleet for as long or as little as you’d like with zero obligations or commitment. Book a demo or get started with the best GPS fleet tracking system on the market.

Why Force Fleet Tracking?

Force Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking solutions alleviate all of the major operational issues that small fleet businesses face. Our program ensures that you’re earning enough revenue per mile through effective dispatching, vehicle health detection, driver behavior monitoring, and more.

We help you retain the best drivers and reduce turnover, which keeps your business profitable and running as effectively and as smoothly as possible. Our software also helps you stay up-to-date and compliant with GPS tracking government regulations in your state.

When choosing the best GPS trackers for your business, look for a company that offers:

  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Live link tracking feature for customers
  • User-friendly interface
  • Automated reporting
  • Per vehicle pricing
  • No contracts

Force Fleet Tracking offers all of this and more with our industry-leading GPS tracking system for small fleet businesses. Subscribe today for a single vehicle or multiple vehicles and see how Force Fleet Tracking can work for you. We’ll mail you the GPS tracking device free of charge with zero obligation.

More Features

Vehicle Health & Maintenance

Stop relying on your drivers to tell you when something is wrong with your company vehicles. With Force Fleet Tracking’s GPS fleet tracking services, you get vehicle health monitoring on everything from the battery to the tires as well as a detailed record of vehicle maintenance history. Tracking the health of your fleet helps you get ahead of costly breakdowns and repairs while increasing the safety and security of your vehicles and your drivers.

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Driver & Vehicle Safety

Improve the safety and security of both your drivers and your vehicles. Our GPS fleet tracking solution helps you cut down on preventable accidents, fines, and damage to your reputation. Plus, it helps you keep your vehicles safer, even when they’re not in use. Tap into our advances driver safety software to get driver road reports, speeding alerts, crash detection, vehicle disturbance alerts, and more.

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Force Fleet Tracking is a product that pays for itself. Ready to see what our GPS tracking software can do for your small business?

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