GPS Fleet Tracking Software for Cannabis Companies

Simple, affordable GPS vehicle tracking for licensed cannabis producers, distributors and retailers.

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Stay secure and comply with the law when transporting cannabis.

Whether you’re a licensed producer, distributor, or retailer of cannabis, GPS is a must-have for every vehicle transporting your product. Force Fleet Tracking helps you ensure legal compliance, security, and driver accountability.

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Live GPS Tracking Dashboard

Live GPS Tracking

Comply with state laws for cannabis delivery

In some states (California, for example), vehicles delivering cannabis must be equipped with GPS systems by law. Even in states without this requirement, you’ll still need a way to prove that you complied with the rules about where and when cannabis can be delivered. You’ll also need to prove that your drivers stayed within state lines. Force Fleet Tracking can help keep you compliant. 

  • Get an automatic record of every trip for every vehicle in your fleet
  • See all your vehicles at once on a live map, with data refreshed every 10 seconds
  • Track vehicles on a smartphone or computer
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Driver & Vehicle Safety

Keep your drivers, vehicles, product, and cash secure

In addition to the high-value product, cannabis delivery vehicles also typically carry a lot of cash, which heightens the need for security and tracking. Force Fleet Tracking lets you monitor your vehicles’ locations 24/7 and includes essential security features to protect your drivers, your vehicles, and your business.

  • Get instant alerts if any of your vehicles is bumped, towed, broken into or stolen
  • Help authorities recover stolen vehicles quickly
  • Maintain a record of which driver is assigned to each delivery vehicle for safety and compliance purposes
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Vehicle Health Dashboard
Trip Detail Dashboard

Driver Accountability

Hold your drivers accountable and run a more efficient business

When it comes to trusting your employees with high-value products and cash, a policy of “trust but verify” is the best way to go. We can help with the “verify” part. If ever there’s an issue with the way your people are using their time, or the routes they’re taking, you’ll be glad to have an unalterable record of every trip in every vehicle.

  • Protect your business from inefficient uses of time, wasted fuel, and even fraud
  • Find out if your vehicles are being driven safely, and get the data you need to coach your drivers to improve where necessary
  • Get alerted instantly if the GPS tracking device is removed or tampered with
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Experience a simpler, more affordable GPS vehicle tracking system — ideal for licensed cannabis companies.

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