Fleet Tracking Software For Cleaning Companies

Force Fleet Tracking makes managing your company cars & vans simple & affordable.

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Keep track of your entire team, from anywhere

Knowing where your cars and employees are can help you improve customer service, saving you time and money. Keep your employees accounted for, improve your service, and reduce operational costs with real-time GPS tracking for your cleaning company’s cars.

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“I own a cleaning business with 6 vehicles. I use Force Fleet Tracking to keep track of where my people are and how the jobs are going. There is no doubt that this product saves me time and saves me money.”

VIP Cleaning Services
Mauricio Santos
VIP Cleaning Las Vegas

7 Employees, 8 Vehicles

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Live GPS Tracking Dashboard

Live GPS Tracking

Keep your cleaning crew moving

Keep your teams accountable and on track with remote GPS tracking for your cleaning company’s cars. Force Fleet Tracking can help you improve operational efficiency, increase safety, and improve customer service. 

  • See your entire fleet on an easy-to-read map
  • Location refreshes every 10 seconds or less
  • Access all vehicle data from any computer, smartphone, or tablet
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Vehicle Health & Maintenance

Stay on top of maintenance and avoid costly repairs

If one of your cleaning company cars has a mechanical issue, Mojio will notify you so your drivers won’t keep driving, causing even more damage. Mojio helps you monitor your fleet maintenance, so you can avoid costly breakdowns and nuisance repairs. 

  • Remotely monitor the mechanical status of your cars, including the dreaded check-engine light codes, battery health, fuel leves, recalls and more
  • Keep track of vehicle maintenance and prevent costly repairs
  • Prepare for regular maintenance by getting alerts when certain parts need replacing
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Vehicle Health Monitoring Dashboard
Driver vehicle safety dashboard

Driver & Vehicle Safety

Keep your employees and your cars safer

Force Fleet Tracking helps you keep track of your cars, ensure safe driving habits, and keep track of job history. Force also helps you avoid unnecessary costs like speeding tickets and excessive fuel consumption from aggressive driving.

  • Get detailed data for every trip your drivers take, including time spent at each location
  • Get driver safety reports so you can reward safe drivers and help the others improve
  • Immediately be alerted when one of your vehicles is bumped, towed or stolen
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can fleet management benefit my cleaning company?

Fleet management software allows cleaning companies to track the location of their vehicles in real-time, provide an ‘Uber-like’ experience for their customers, and reduce costs.

Top 5 benefits of GPS fleet tracking benefits for cleaning companies include:

  • Real-time GPS location of your vehicles
  • Reduce fuel costs by tracking vehicle idling and driving habits
  • Live tracking links allow your customer to track when the cleaners are en route to their home or job site
  • Improves driver safety by calculating a driver RoadScore for each trip
  • Reduces downtime by alerting owners of minor vehicle health issues

Force Fleet Tracking can help cleaning companies increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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