Introducing Vehicle Trails

Vehicle trails dashboard

We asked users how they would improve Force Fleet Tracking’s award-winning application. You wanted Vehicle Trails. You wanted to see the route of each vehicle on every trip. With our 10-second real-time GPS pings, we knew we could provide a best-in-class result.

Here it is, and more! Today, we’re introducing Vehicle Trails. This feature lets you dive into a trip and see not just the route, but zoom in to see specific incidents and events on the journey. For example, you can see an incident in the right column above, then click on it to highlight the sections of the trip where this driver was idling or speeding. Boom!

Check out our video demo of the feature below.

Taken with our Maintenance Alerts, this lets you manage the full picture, down to each trip, and up to the overall health of the vehicle. You have less downtime and more control.

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With Vehicle Trails from Force Fleet Tracking, you can dive deep into any trip, and see speeding, harsh brakes, rapid acceleration, and idling events. Our 10-second refresh rate is the best real-time GPS tracking in its class. Check out the video demo.
Published February 9, 2023