Introducing Location Sharing Links

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How often do your customers call you (or your dispatcher) just to find out when the technician is going to arrive?  

Our customers face this situation all the time. For some, it’s multiple times every day. It can be a real headache for business owners, managers, and dispatchers. 

Sometimes, your driver has hit traffic and they’re just not able to get to the customer’s home at the promised time. Other times, the customer is just being impatient. 

When you get calls like this, you can check Force Fleet Tracking (on the web or on your mobile device) to find the driver’s location, and tell the customer a rough estimate of the ETA. 

That’s not a bad solution, but what if there was a way to let the customer track the driver themselves

Delight your customers with location sharing links

When you’d like to show your customers where a particular vehicle is, just hit the Share button in Force Fleet Tracking. 

(Shown here is what it looks like on a web browser, but this feature is available on the web (desktop and tablet) and in the Force Fleet Tracking apps for iPhone & Android.)

Force By Mojio Dashboard Software

Next, choose how long the customer’s permission to track the vehicle should last. For example, you might set the tracking link to expire in two hours. If the driver is already en route, that should be plenty of time for the customer to track their journey to the job site. 

Share location expiration mobile

You’ll get a link to copy and paste into an SMS text message (or email) to the customer. 

Shared location text message mobile

Here’s what the customer will see when they click on the link. 

Shared location link expires mobile

Customers love the accuracy and instant gratification they’ve come to expect from ride sharing apps. With Force Fleet Tracking, you’ll be able to delight them with an Uber-like tracking experience. Simple, accurate, and timely. 

Adding this memorable touch to your service will make you much more likely to get some great word-of-mouth or online promotion from your customer. 

Lastly, you’ll benefit too: when your customers know exactly where their service technician is, they’ll be far more likely to be at home and ready — and that means fewer missed connections and missed appointments.

This feature is now included for all Force Fleet Tracking customers at no additional cost. 

Expect more to come 

We’re hard at work on the next version of our location links sharing features — stay tuned. 

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Published June 27, 2021
Matt Davis
Matt Davis
Director of Marketing
Force Fleet Tracking