6 ways Force Fleet Tracking is setting the standard in GPS tracking

Force Fleet Tracking’s Feature Highlights:

  1. Bosch crash detection
  2. Predictive alerts
  3. Patent-issued tire check
  4. Plug-and-play design
  5. No contracts

Modern companies of all sizes face an increased need for robust fleet optimization solutions to cut costs and maximize operational efficiency.

Unfortunately, this places small business owners at a disadvantage, as top fleet management platforms come with hefty price tags and obtuse features. Force has changed that by providing access to innovative features at an industry-leading price point and in a user-friendly interface for the non-tech savvy.

What is Force Fleet Tracking?

Force Fleet Tracking is a comprehensive fleet management solution designed to meet the unique needs of small business fleets. This includes those in service sectors such as plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. 

It offers a broad host of capabilities, including the following:

  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Geo-fencing capabilities
  • Live location sharing with customers
  • Industry-leading refresh times 
  • Tracking and vehicle trails
  • Automatic, robust reports
  • Over 15,000 Diagnostic Trouble Codes 
  • And more!

Force sets the standard in GPS tracking for small businesses, differentiating itself from other fleet-tracking solutions out there that are geared toward large enterprises, are confusing to use, and require years-long contracts. Check out the table below to see how Force stacks up against leading fleet management solutions:

Features and FunctionalityForce Fleet TrackingLeading Competitors
Built specifically with small business owners in mindYesNo
Bosch crash detectionYesNo
Predictive alerts for battery and air filter replacementYesNo
Patent-issued tire checkYesNo
Plug-and-play designYesMany require professional installation
No contractsYesSome, but often includes hidden fees like return shipping or cancellation costs

Force Fleet Tracking’s Feature Highlights

Choosing fleet management software doesn’t have to be a complicated, tedious process. Force makes your decision easy by offering many desirable features, benefits, and functionalities, including these notable highlights.

1. Bosch crash detection

As a small business owner, you need to know when one of your vehicles has been in a crash so you can take action to protect your staff and your brand. Force lets you know the moment something goes wrong with a fleet vehicle.

Force uses the world’s most advanced crash detection algorithm, developed and certified by Bosch.

Along with providing crash data, Force also displays up-to-the-minute GPS information so you can locate your vehicle, make sure help is on the way, and check on your team.

Timeliness during an accident could be the difference between life and death, and having a detailed record of where the crash happened and with which driver can take the headaches out of police reports and insurance claims. This type of visibility is invaluable, saving money on insurance, legal fees or potential lawsuits.

2. Predictive alerts

Predictive alerts have been commonly used in the industry in recent years, but unique to Force are predictive alerts for battery and air filter replacement.

Battery alerts

While battery technology has come a long way in the last few decades, there’s no guarantee your fleet vehicle batteries will make it to their listed expiration date.

Although battery failures come with the territory of owning a small business fleet, unexpected issues can make techs late for appointments, cause you to rack up excess towing costs, and negatively impact the customer experience.

Force helps reduce the chances of battery failure and vehicle breakdowns via its predictive alert system. By analyzing various vehicle performance data points, Force can estimate when your battery will reach the end of its service life so you can proactively replace it. 

Air filter alerts

When it comes to air filters, these play an important role in vehicle performance and function. If you wait too long to swap out air filters, vehicle performance and cabin air quality can suffer.

Force makes monitoring your air filters effortless thanks to its predictive alert system. When your air filters approach the end of their viable service life, Force will notify you so you can replace them.

3. Patent-issued tire check

Force recently had a patent issued for its innovative tire check system, a predictive alert tool designed to optimize checking the status of the tires on your fleet vehicles.

Force’s tire check tool allows your team to conduct vehicle pre-checks more efficiently so they can hit the road and start serving clients faster. This is just one of the many examples of how Force continuously strives to deliver more value to business owners.

4. Plug-and-play design

Force features a plug-and-play design. Once you receive your devices, simply plug them into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and let Force do the rest.Installation takes seconds and doesn’t require any tools or professional mechanic services. 

As a bonus, the Force platform will notify you if the device has stopped working or been removed. You can use this tamper-prevention feature to ensure that your drivers are adhering to your policies and leaving the Force device installed. 

Our plug-and-play technology is safe for virtually any vehicle. Force designers leveraged an extensive library of vehicle data to ensure that our products don’t damage internal components. During emissions inspections, simply unplug the device.

Other devices need professional installation, requiring you to take your vehicles off the road and incur extra costs. And, if you choose a hardwired device, you’ll also need a professional to remove it if you decide it isn’t the right fit. This means you’re paying hundreds to try the devices and hundreds more to return them. 

With Force, you can try our device for free. If you don’t like it, simply unplug it and send it back. We even cover shipping.

5. No contracts

You don’t have to sign a contract to use Force, and we don’t have any tier-based billing programs. You can access Force’s full range of features for just $20 per month per vehicle. That price even includes your GPS monitoring device.

You can add as many (or as few) vehicles as you’d like. If you decide Force isn’t for you, simply cancel your subscription and return your device. It’s that simple.

Curious about the cost of streamlining your fleet with Force Fleet Tracking’s software? Discover our transparent pricing and feature-rich plans tailored to suit your business requirements.

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Optimize your fleet operations with Force

Force Fleet Tracking delivers incredible value to small business fleets by giving them a multitude of dynamic features at a competitive price. If you want to try a leading fleet management solution with zero risk or upfront costs, you won’t find a better option than Force.

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Published September 20, 2023