8 Benefits of Fleet Maintenance Software in 2023

Has keeping up with preventative maintenance on your fleet vehicles become a full-time job that’s distracting from your other responsibilities? If so, it may be time to invest in fleet maintenance software.

Fleet management solutions provide far more insights than a standard electronic logging device (ELD)—and better yet, save you time and money on manual admin. In addition to tracking the whereabouts of your vehicles, fleet management systems allow you to track fuel efficiency and vehicle performance across your entire fleet. 

Still not sure if your growing business is ready for a dedicated vehicle-tracking solution? 

After you check out these eight benefits of fleet management and maintenance software, you will be.

Table of Contents:

  1. Improve driver safety
  2. Reduce fuel costs
  3. Minimize vehicle downtime
  4. Optimize deliveries
  5. Make life easier on fleet managers
  6. Decrease maintenance costs
  7. Increase vehicle lifespan
  8. Boost fleet management system ROI
  9. Choosing the best fleet management software for your business
  10. What is the advantage of fleet tracking?
  11. What are some advantages of automating fleet management?
  12. Are fleet management systems cost-prohibitive?
  13. Ready to unlock the benefits of fleet maintenance software?

1. Improve driver safety

Your drivers are your most important resource, and as a business owner, you’re responsible for the well-being of your entire team. As part of these efforts, you must maintain a high level of vehicle safety and reliability.

Failing to prioritize vehicle safety could expose your drivers to undue risk. Even a single incident could cause serious injury to one of your valued crew members and expose your organization to substantial civil liability. A minor accident can cost your business over $16,000 in cumulative costs, whereas a severe crash can lead to even more drastic losses. 

Vehicle maintenance software helps you precisely track asset performance to address small safety concerns before they become major ones.

2. Reduce fuel costs

Fleet maintenance software can be a valuable tool for fuel management. By monitoring your vehicles’ fuel usage with maintenance technology, you can identify performance issues and save your business thousands of dollars. 

The advanced reporting capabilities of a fleet maintenance software allow you to precisely track fuel consumption over time. You can use these insights to reveal efficiency concerns and determine whether the issues are due to driver behavior or vehicle functionality. With a tool like Force Fleet Tracking, you even get real-time notifications to instantly alert you to low fuel or draining battery voltage.

3. Minimize vehicle downtime

One of the key benefits of vehicle maintenance software is that it allows you to reduce downtime significantly. You can closely monitor the status of all your fleet vehicles and use this data to support your preventative maintenance strategy and keep the wheels turning.

Preventing downtime also allows you to serve your customers more effectively.

When a vehicle goes down unexpectedly, you must restructure your appointments and reallocate drivers. Despite your best efforts, at least a few customers will experience a less-than-exceptional service experience.

As such, optimizing vehicle uptime through maintenance software not only protects business continuity but preserves your brand image and bolsters customer satisfaction.

4. Optimize mileage

Fleet maintenance software includes performance-monitoring tools and real-time GPS tracking capabilities. The latter facilitates route optimization and enables your drivers to arrive on time more consistently.

When you optimize your routes, you also decrease the amount of mileage your vehicles rack up each week. You can eliminate thousands of unnecessary miles over the course of a year—and the fuel costs that come along with them.

See how much money your fleet can save on fuel costs alone with Force Fleet Tracking’s fleet maintenance software.


5. Make life easier on fleet managers

Are you still managing your fleet manually? If so, you’re placing a lot of unnecessary stress on yourself. Even worse, you’re wasting precious time on paperwork that you could be spending building your business, interacting with customers, or strengthening relationships with your staff.

Force Fleet Tracking takes the hassle out of fleet management with detailed performance, fuel consumption, and location data at the touch of a button. You can monitor individual vehicle statuses or access a high-level overview of your entire fleet.

6. Decrease maintenance costs

Fleet maintenance software will also help you reduce costs like maintenance and repair expenses.

Instead of engaging in costly reactive maintenance, you can take a more proactive approach. As soon as a vehicle begins to exhibit signs of wear and decreases in performance, you can bring it in for diagnostics.

Proactive maintenance will reduce total repair expenses and free up capital to reinvest in your business. If growing your company is at the top of your priority list, you need to rethink your maintenance strategies. 

Force Fleet Tracking’s maintenance software can help. Our solution provides you with an up-to-the-minute view of each vehicle’s mechanical health. As soon as something needs your attention, the system will send you an alert so you can schedule necessary repairs.

7. Increase vehicle lifespan

Every vehicle in your company’s fleet is an investment that you must protect. According to November 2022, the average cost of a new vehicle is nearly $50,000. So if you have to buy heavy-duty or specially outfitted vehicles, expect to shell out even more cash for every asset you add to your fleet. 

Fleet maintenance software allows you to closely track vehicle performance and stick to a tight PM schedule. By prioritizing maintenance, you can increase your vehicle lifespan and maximize your return on investment. 

Fleet maintenance software helps you decide when maintaining a vehicle is no longer a worthwhile investment. If a vehicle starts spending more time in the shop than on the road, you’ll know it’s time to decommission it.

8. Boost fleet management system ROI

Not all fleet management solutions are created equal. Choosing a fleet management solution that includes maintenance software will unlock significant benefits for your business and help you obtain a stronger return on investment (ROI). 

When selecting a fleet software solution for your company, make sure it includes other value-oriented tools as well.

For instance, Force Fleet Tracking features a user-friendly interface that lets you put our powerful platform to use almost instantly. Similarly, our GPS trackers can be installed in seconds so you can start monitoring vehicle maintenance and performance as soon as your device arrives.

9. Choosing the best fleet management software for your business

Choosing a great fleet management software is tough—at least it used to be. Force Fleet Tracking has made that decision easier than ever by combining reliable technology with easy-to-install devices and competitive pricing.

For just $20 per month per vehicle, you can track your fleet, monitor performance, and make PM scheduling effortless. Our tools provide you with all the information you need to improve fuel usage, optimize routes, and maximize the lifespan of your vehicles.

10. What is the advantage of fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking software provides real-time insights into the state of your vehicles. You can use this data to:

  • Monitor driver behavior 
  • Plan routes
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Promote safety
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Reduce fuel consumption

Tracking software also includes advanced reporting tools you can employ to track vehicle and driver performance trends. These reports can guide decision-making and help you optimize resource allocation. 

11. What are some advantages of automating fleet management?

Fleet tracking software often goes beyond mere tracking capabilities and frequently includes various management workflows that allow you to automate certain time-consuming tasks.

By automating these tedious aspects of fleet management, you can:

  • Reduce the workload on your staff
  • Free up more time to focus on your business
  • Decrease stress on you and your team
  • Avoid missed PM appointments
  • Better serve customers

Stop wasting countless hours managing your fleet manually. By implementing fleet management software, you can get more time back in your day by letting innovative technology do the heavy lifting for you. 

12. Are fleet management systems cost-prohibitive?

Fleet management systems can be quite expensive. Some providers charge $100 or more just for the GPS device—that doesn’t even include the software subscription.

However, Force Fleet Tracking has simple, transparent, and affordable pricing.

We charge just $20 per month per vehicle. This fee includes a plug-and-play device for each vehicle and access to our intuitive interface. Our unique pricing model makes it ideal for small businesses, growing companies, and larger organizations with huge fleets.

With Force Fleet Tracking, there are no hidden fees. We even pay for shipping. If you don’t like the product, you can cancel at any time, and send the devices back to us. We will even pay the cost of shipping the devices back.

Beware of hidden costs! Some competitors have low up front prices, but then add on extra fees for their “Fleet Maintenance Add-ons and Plug-ins.” These are unnecessary, and only serve to make the overall cost higher.

13. Ready to unlock the benefits of fleet maintenance software?

If so, it’s time to connect with Force Fleet Tracking. Our easy-to-use (and even easier to install) GPS tracking systems can help you perform preventative maintenance, keep your commercial vehicles on the road, improve fleet efficiency, and more.

Start your 14-day free trial to try Force Fleet Tracking for yourself. Once you experience our fleet management software’s robust asset-tracking and maintenance-monitoring capabilities, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your vehicles without it.

Published May 3, 2023