Force Fleet Tracking Vs. Azuga – 2023 Comparison

Force by Mojio vs Azuga

Managing your fleet well is an integral part of ensuring the success of your business. This means making sure that your vehicles are running smoothly, holding your drivers accountable, ensuring the safety of your drivers, and doing it while keeping your costs low. To help you find a fleet management solution for your small to mid-size business, we’ll look at features of two fleet management options: Force Fleet Tracking and Azuga.

Both GPS fleet tracking solutions at a glance

Force Fleet TrackingAzuga
Price From$20 per vehicle per month$25-35 per vehicle per month
Best forSmall businesses, home-service based businessesFrom small business to enterprise
  • Add Scheduled Maintenance and receive vehicle alerts
  • Keep tabs on your fleet using live map view
  • In-depth vehicle diagnostics
  • Log and tag trips
  • Add DriveSafe and block smartphone distractions when the vehicle is in motion.
ConsNot suited for large fleets of big rigs with dedicated fleet managersContracts are coterminous—you have one renewal date and one bill.The most popular contract term is 36 months.

Force Fleet Tracking overview

Force Fleet Tracking was designed to serve small businesses that need a simple, yet high-quality vehicle tracking solution. The connected mobility platform is fast, reliable, and secure. Their GPS devices are fast and can be easily installed in minutes. The best part? All these features are available in a free trial, so you can test the full capabilities of the system before you make any commitments. 

Force Fleet Tracking is transparent with their pricing plans and delivers great value for your money. While many other fleet management and GPS tracking systems have extra charges for elements such as devices, connectivity, or real-time vehicle tracking, Force won’t surprise you with additional fees. In addition to their pricing transparency, Force doesn’t lock you into multi-year contracts. You’re able to choose your billing frequency, whether that’s monthly or yearly billing and can unsubscribe anytime.

Azuga overview

Azuga’s plug-and-play vehicle fleet tracking devices are easy and simple to install with 30 second refresh rates, robust reporting, and unique safety tools like seatbelt alerts to keep your drivers safe on the road. Azuga’s main differentiation is its reward system for excellent driver behavior. Instead of reprimanding drivers for sidestepping safety, they offer a way to reward gift cards to the safety drivers on your team.  

Although pricing is lower compared to other companies like Samsara and Verizon, you’ll need to pay more to access better features. Their BasicFleet plan starts at $25 for just the essentials: GPS tracking, driver scores, reporting, geofences, and alerts. From there, you’ll need to opt for higher tiers to access vehicle diagnostics, faster refresh times, enhanced efficiency support, ELD compliance, or custom reporting.

At this time, Azuga doesn’t offer free trials—only online demos.

GPS fleet tracking feature comparison

Force Fleet TrackingAzuga
Live vehicle tracking
Route Replay
Map of all vehicles
Plug and play devices
Vehicle health monitoringYes, with added cost
Speeding alertsYes, with added cost
Disturbance alertsYes, with added cost
TireCheck feature
Predictive maintenance alertsYes, with added cost
Maintenance reportsYes, with added cost
Demonstrated fuel efficienciesYes, with added cost
Industry-specific integrations
ELD compliantYes, with added cost

Both solutions offer many similar features. For instance, tracking vehicles and driving behavior, providing reports on vehicle health and maintenance, and helping to cut down on fuel costs by collecting information on vehicle diagnostics.

Force Fleet Tracking features

Both Force and Azuga service small businesses with smaller fleets. However, Force gives you more bang for your bucks in comparison. With Force, you’ll be paying a flat fee of $20 per vehicle per month, without any hidden fees. This flat rate will give you access to all of their features and any new features they plan on rolling out. To start with, you’ll receive a plug and play GPS tracking device for each vehicle, and access to a web app for managers, a mobile app for managers, and a mobile app for drivers. Some of the many features that Force offers include vehicle tracking and monitoring tools, vehicle health and performance software, driver safety and vehicle security data, reports based on statistics that are compiled for you on idling, vehicle diagnostics, driver reports, and administrative report.

Azuga features

In comparison, Azuga has 3 plans, with their most affordable option starting at $25 per vehicle per month—but this just gives you the bare essentials. Their basic plan will give you access to GPS Tracking, Alerts and Notifications, Driver Scores, Driver Rewards, Reports, and Geofencing. If you’re looking for enhanced safety features, you’ll have to upgrade to access them, paying the $30 per vehicle per month. They also have a more expensive tier at $35 per vehicle per month which offers enhanced efficiency reports and enhanced vehicle data.

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Integration comparison

How a fleet tracking system integrates into your company’s existing workflow is an important consideration when weighing your options. With Force Fleet Tracking, you’re able to integrate the GPS solution with Housecall Pro, which offers live vehicle GPS tracking for customers. Housecall Pro will also boost your team’s efficiency, help you and your drivers offer top tier customer service, and help you to save money while decreasing liability. This will make it easier to adopt Force’s system into your everyday business practice.

In comparison, Azuga has a number of partners that you can integrate their fleet management software with. An example of these tools include AUTOsist that, when integrated with Azuga, allow odometer readings to automatically sync daily. Another example is Towbook, a towing management software. With Azuga, this software provides a map display that allows you to see the real-time location of your truck within Towbook’s dispatching board.

Help Center

Not only is Force’s customer support available twelve hours a day if you want to speak to a customer success or technical support specialist, but you’ll also have access to their help center which includes their extensive knowledge base. You can search any queries, read articles, and even troubleshoot any issues that may come up.

On the other hand, Azuga has a support number that you can contact which will connect you to an expert to help resolve any issues for existing customers. You can also email the support team or submit a support request online. At their highest tier, companies can get their own dedicated customer success manager.

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Force’s clients rave about the detailed data they receive about their drivers’ performance and the state of their vehicles, all for a small business-friendly price:


For years, we were flying blind on fleet performance. Now we have the data we need to hold our drivers accountable, encourage good behavior, and address issues with our vehicles before they become catastrophes. The ability to send tracking links to clients adds to the “wow” factor we are trying to build into our customer experience.

Lake State Cleaning
Caleb Wininger
Owner, Lake State Cleaning

Troy, MI

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Force Fleet Tracking allows me to know where my people are at all times and shuffle them about in the quickest/most optimized way possible. If there is a ‘fire,’ so to speak, we can easily dispatch our closest technician

Energy Concepts logo
Ryan Beene, HR Manager & Controller
Energy Concepts Solar

Fresno, CA

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Azuga’s customers enjoy the accuracy of the data they receive and their ability to see it all in one place, which allows them to lower their operational costs and improve their safety record.” With that said, some customers have complained about the long-term contracts and cancellation fees that were levied, while others have noted that Azuga’s OBD-II tracker doesn’t do a great job triangulating vehicle locations.

FAQ section

How is Force different from other fleet tracking products?

Everything about Force is optimized for small businesses, from the easy-to-use features to our low pricing without contracts or hidden fees.

There are lots of fleet tracking solutions on the market, but we’re confident that Force offers you the absolute best value for money, especially if your business has between 2 and 30 fleet vehicles.

How do I know if my vehicle is compatible?

Force Fleet Tracking is compatible with virtually any vehicle that has an OBD-II port. Nearly all cars, vans and light trucks manufactured since 1996 are equipped with an OBD-II port (usually under the dashboard, near the steering wheel). If you’re not sure, give us a call at 806-855-8255 or email [email protected] and we’ll verify whether your vehicles are compatible.

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How much time does installation take?

Force can be installed in just a few minutes per vehicle. Once you get your devices in the mail, just plug them into the OBD-II port in each of your vehicles and follow a few simple on-screen instructions in your web browser. That’s it!

👉 Check out full instructions on how to install Force Fleet Tracking.

How much money can my small business save using Force Fleet Tracking?

Force is an investment that pays for itself quickly by saving you money on admin, fuel, and vehicle maintenance. You’ll also get valuable peace of mind knowing what’s happening with your fleet at all times.

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What if I need help getting started?

No problem! Our friendly support agents are here to help. Just call 806-855-8255 or head over to our Help Center.

Published May 15, 2023