Force Fleet Tracking VS Momentum IoT – 2023 Comparison

Force by Mojio vs Momentum IoT

While the core functionality of fleet tracking systems can be quite similar, it’s important to dive into the details to find out which solution actually meets your business’ needs, and budget. That’s why we’re breaking down the biggest differences between two of the most popular fleet tracking solutions for small businesses: Force Fleet Tracking and Momentum IoT.

Both GPS fleet tracking solutions at a glance

Force Fleet TrackingMomentum IoT
Price From$20 per vehicle per month$15 per vehicle per month+$6 per vehicle per month for fleet maintenance plug in
+$2 per vehicle per month for PowerSense plug in
Best forSmall businesses, home-service based businessesFleets with dedicated managers
  • No contracts
  • PowerSense add on allows for equipment usage tracking
  • Asset tracking for job sites
ConsNot suited for large fleets of big rigs with dedicated fleet managers
  • Fleet maintenance and equipment usage tracking are not included in standard pricing
  • No dedicated driver safety features
Free trialFree demo, 14 day free trial, free hardware that ships in 2 daysFree demo, 14 day free trial including hardware

Force Fleet Tracking overview

Force is a GPS fleet vehicle tracking solution designed for small businesses. It’s straight-forward, affordable, and provides a full suite of powerful features for home-service based companies.

There are no contracts or commitments required to get started. GPS hardware is included, and sent quickly with 2-day shipping. Force alleviates all of the major operations troubles that businesses with fleets of 2 or more vehicles face with the ability to monitor vehicle health to avoid unexpected breakdowns and reduce manual tracking and paperwork while simultaneously improving driver safety records, all while tracking your vehicles in real time.

Momentum IoT overview

Momentum IoT is a GPS fleet tracking solution for small and mid-size fleets consisting of trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, and light equipment like winches.

Momentum IoT offers a simple solution for companies in the construction, oil and gas, and agriculture industries looking to track their fleet and get high level reports. Customers must pay extra to keep track of preventative maintenance schedules and get alerts for vehicle services.

GPS fleet tracking feature comparison

Force Fleet TrackingMomentum IoT
Live vehicle tracking
Route Replay
Map of all vehicles
Plug and play OBDII port
Hard-wired 12V GPS trackers
Vehicle health monitoringPlugin
Speeding alerts
Disturbance alerts
TireCheck feature
Predictive maintenance alertsPlugin
Maintenance reportsPlugin
Demonstrated fuel efficiencies
Industry-specific integrations

While there is some degree of overlap between the core features, there are several very important differences to note when it comes to maintenance and safety concerns.

Force’s features are built to support small business owners focused on driver accountability and safety. Force’s system continuously assesses driver behavior, scoring them out of 100 for each trip, and each trip contributes to a rolling average. This RoadScore, combined with other alerts like speeding and harsh braking shows business owners which drivers need training and provides an opportunity to reward safe drivers.

The Force platform also alerts you to hazardous or unauthorized behaviors, like if a driver exits their geofenced area, unplugs their tracking device, or engages in unsafe activities. The system stores detailed trip histories with start and end times, mileage, speed, routes, and driving behavior.

Momentum IoT also allows users to set geofencing alerts, get speed notifications and see trip and mileage history; however, it doesn’t have any alerts for harsh braking or unsafe behavior, and their maintenance features aren’t included in the standard pricing. If you want more than a general overview, you’ll have to pay extra for things like preventative maintenance and tool usage information.

Both solutions allow you to monitor the health and maintenance status of your vehicles, but Force stands out with its TireCheck feature and predictive maintenance alerts that help small businesses avoid costly breakdowns while staying on the front foot. Furthermore, Force customers report fuel savings, with trends showing savings of up to 40% on fuel costs.

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Integration comparison

Force integrates easily into small businesses’ existing workflows using Mojio’s full partner ecosystem of location-based and telematics service integrations. In addition to the full partner ecosystem, Force has a direct integration with Housecall Pro. This integration lets you automatically generate an SMS text message to your customers with a link that will let them track your service vehicles en route, similar to the experience of watching your dinner be delivered. Force is the only fleet tracking solution that has a direct integration with Housecall Pro.

Momentum IoT has an open API that allows software engineers and third-party developers to build custom connections and platforms that incorporate data from Momentum IoT devices. This means that the platform can share information back and forth with your other business software solutions or proprietary in-house applications.

Help center comparison

In addition to being a plug-and-play solution, Force has a dedicated post-purchase help center to help set small business owners up for success and better understand the platform. Force recognizes that small business owners are rarely engineers with lots of time to set up. Whether it’s help getting started, setting Force’s app up, or troubleshooting, find step-by-step articles to easily solve any problem. Force also offers free live demos.

Momentum IoT’s support is largely provided via their online knowledge base. When it comes to onboarding, they offer walk through articles and the option to request more support through an online form.


Force customers love their vehicle and driver safety features.


“Force Fleet Tracking has been a game changer for us. For years, we were flying blind on fleet performance. Now we have the data we need to hold our drivers accountable, encourage good behavior, and address issues with our vehicles before they become catastrophes.”

Lake State Cleaning
Caleb Wininger
Owner, Lake State Cleaning

Troy, MI

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Momentum IoT customers on independent review sites note that they appreciate the flexibility and scalability of their solution, calling it good ‘bang for their buck;’ however several note that it falls short in terms of features for their businesses. One review explained that “unfortunately, I needed something that assisted my safety department simultaneously with harsh braking, idling, seatbelt, and speeding reports. I also needed something that reported engine diagnostics so I could be proactive in making repairs.”

There’s lots to love about Force Fleet Tracking. See what our customers have to say about using Force.

Price comparison

Force offers a 14-day free trial, including sending the GPS tracking devices with no obligation. After the trial has ended, Force’s pricing is small-business friendly with a price tag of $20 per vehicle per month, with no contract and no additional hidden fees.

Momentum IoT will also send you their GPS tracking devices for free to kickstart a 14-day free trial. After that time, their pricing starts at $15 per vehicle per month, but there are some hidden fees. If you want to keep track of preventive maintenance schedules, such as mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours, and other alerts, it’s an additional $6 per vehicle per month.

The bottom line

Force is the most affordable and effective GPS fleet tracking solution available for small businesses seeking to see real bottom-line impact by improving driver safety, vehicle maintenance, and accountability. 

Force also stands apart for having a more robust feature-set without getting overly complicated, and without the hidden fees of Momentum IoT’s various plugins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Force different from other fleet tracking software?

Force is completely optimized for small businesses and home services companies. From easy-to-use features to low pricing and no contracts, Force offers the best value for money for fleets between 2 or more vehicles.

How does the free trial work?

When you sign up for a 14-day free trial, Force ships you a free GPS tracking device for each of your vehicles. If you’d like to keep using Force after your free trial period is over, simply continue using the service. Your first billing date will be 14 days after you begin your trial. If you choose not to continue after your trial, just notify the team and they’ll send you a prepaid shipping label to return the devices.

How do I know if my vehicle is compatible?

Force is compatible with virtually any vehicle that has an OBD-II port, which includes nearly all cars, vans and light trucks manufactured from 1996. If you’re unsure, contact the team and we’ll verify whether your vehicles are compatible.

How much time does installation take?

Force can be installed in just a few minutes per vehicle. Simply plug the devices into the OBD-II port and follow a few simple on-screen instructions in your web browser.

What if I need help getting started?

Force is designed to be as easy to set up and use as possible. That said, Force’s team of friendly support agents are on call and the Help Center is full of resources to help you get started.

How much money can my small business save using Force Fleet Tracking?

How much you save using GPS fleet tracking will depend on the issues your business is facing. Between preventing wage loss, stopping expensive driving habits, avoiding breakdowns, and improving customer satisfaction, this can add up fast. An average fleet running 5 vehicles will save more than $4,400 in fuel costs in a year, just by managing idle time! And that doesn’t even include the value of getting to more jobs on time.

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Published May 2, 2023